I’m Lonely at College

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about my college experience lately. As my graduation date in May draws near, I can’t help but think back to the ups and downs of the last two years. I’ve accomplished a lot since moving to Nashville for college, like overcoming my anxiety, starting a nonprofit, and getting…

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Interview 101: Job Interview Tips

Internship application season is in full force, and I’m in the process of submitting my resumes and cover letters for positions in the spring. After the success of my first blog post about internships, I thought I would launch an internship application series, where I’ll be discussing the three major elements of the process: the…

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Healthy College Dorm Recipes and Snacks

One of the most difficult parts of living in a dorm freshman year was not having access to a kitchen. I love to cook, and I’m a relatively picky eater, so being constrained to a microwave and mini fridge for an entire year was not the easiest. I absolutely hated my university’s dining options, and…

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How to Find and Land Your Dream Internship

There is so much pressure in today’s society to find and land your dream internship. An internship is a requirement for many college majors. Some companies won’t hire you unless you’ve completed one. And they add a lot to your resume. But with so many types of internships out there, how are you supposed to…

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